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Artist Name - Giles Denmark
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Giles Mitchell
Peinture Tableaux Fresques
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MultiMedia Artist
Paintings  Poetry   Video   Dramatist   Performance Art   Installations   Pianist   Composer   Murals    

Member of Forecast since 1981 when the office and gallery was at Lake St and Bloomington Ave S, Minneapolis. Its now at Forecast, St Paul, USA



Went to Nottingham High School (established in year 1513). (1961-1969)
Foundation Year Art, Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham. (1969-1970)
DipAD in Fine Art Trent Polytechnic (Later became Nottingham Trent University).(1970 - 1974)
Higher Diploma in Fine Art, Slade School of Art at University College, London (1974 -1976)


1990 ARTIST IN RESIDENCE. Monumentalavd \"Sykkelfabrikken\", Sandnes, Norway.
1990 MEDIA RESIDENCY. Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT.
1989 ARTIST IN RESIDENCE. Yellow Springs Institute, Chester Springs, PA.
1987 WORKSHOP RESIDENCY WITH THE DARK BOB. Film in the Cities, St Paul, MN.
1961 Highly Commended at The Royal Drawing Society Exhibition "The Childrens Royal Academy" for pictorial  composition!


Visiting Lecturer, Performance workshop.
Visiting Artist. First Year Painting. Multi-media and Performance Art.
Visiting Lecturer, Performance Art.
Visiting Lecturer and direct Performance art workshop, 2nd year Foundation.
Visiting Artist, Performance Art.


1971-2. Wrote art reviews for Platform, published by the East Midlands Arts Organisation, for art shows in Nottingham, UK.
1978. Writer for "Sphinx" a publication for the University of London Insititute of Education.
1979 May. Actor in William Shakespeare - The Winters Tale, University of London Institute of Education. London, UK.
1981 A director at Forecast Public Artspace Productions
1982 Editor of Forecast Monthly Newsletter, Minneapolis, USA.
1984. Writer for Monthly Publication, Vinyl, St Paul Art Collective, St. Paul, MN, USA.


1997 THE ATRE. Performance/installation/internet work. Collaboration with Agnes Tiffon. Paris, France.
1995 CLEAN HOUSE. A performance installation. The National Purity Soap Factory, No Name Gallery, Minneapolis, MN.
1995 RODIN. AGE OF INTIMACY. Minneapolis Institute of Arts, MN.
1993 REJECTION. Icebox Gallery, Minneapolis, MN.
1992 PURSUING PERFECTION - THE DORYPHOROS. Minneapolis Institute of Arts, MN. USA.
1992 LEG IRONS. Stavanger Arts Festival/Excil 2, Gallery 242, Brusand, Norway.
1992 THE SPEAR HOLDER. Red Herring Gallery, Brighton, England.
1992 THE SPEAR HOLDER. Holborn Centre of Performing Arts, London, England.
1992 FOREIGN RELATIONS. Caffettos, West 22nd St and Lyndale Ave South, Minneapolis.
1991 THE PLAY THING. Jungle Theater, Minneapolis, MN.
1991 ONE ON ONE. Sting Nightclub, Stavanger, Norway.
1990 OLGER VANN (OILS WATER). Lysverket, Staten Kunst Akademi, Oslo, Norway
1990 PERFORMANCE. Monumentalavd, 'Sykkelfabrikken', Sandnes, Norway
1990 TV-MANIA. Franklin Furnace, New York.
1990 SWIMMING LESSONS. February 10. Out There Festival, Walker Art Center and Southern Theater, Minneapolis.
1989 SCARS. June 10. Yellow Springs Institute, Chester Springs, Pennsylvania
1987 ART IS GEOGRAPHY. Underground Art Show, Minneapolis.

1986 THE PAINTING AND THE MARTYR. Loring Park Playhouse, Mpls.

A poetry performance work by Giles Denmark with - Fred Gartner, Char Baehr, Jay Smiley. Music and sound by Chuck Zwicky.

1985 PERFORMANCE PAINTING WORK. State Fair, Saint Paul, MN.

1985 PASSION. Giles Denmark with Rebecca Volpe, and Alison Gardner. Red Eye Collaboration, Minneapolis, MN.

1984 DAS FLASH, Poetry performance theater collaborating with Donald Byrd (choreographer) and Chuck Zwicky (music). First Ave Danceteria, and Walker Art Center (excerpts), Minneapolis, MN.

1984. HELL. Performance work. Music - Chuck Zwicky. Thanks to Jack Becker, Foresite, Jim Schiller, Thea Tullous, and Vinyl Magazine.

1984 WILD. First Ave Danceteria, Minneapolis.

1984 ACTS OF FASSION. August 23rd. Poetry performance event with Thea Tullous (painter), Heidi Arvin (designer), Chuck Zwicky (music). Union Depot, St Paul.
Giles Denmark examines the relationship between what we wear, our bodies, and our persona. (part of a Fore site event created by Forecast, with support from Compas Community Art Fund, NEA, etc).

March 1983 Poetry performance, with video. First Ave, Minneapolis. As part of 'Persistent Visions' performance art series

1983 March. Poetry Reading. Third Century Poetry and Prose. West Bank Union, University of Minneapolis, MN.

May 1983. Poetry performance at Duffy's, Minneapolis. A benefit for Forecast Public Artspace Productions

1983 June. Poetry performance. Space Blast. St Paul Arts Collective, St Paul
1983 June. Performance poetry reading. University Film Society / Film in the Cities. After showing film "Poetry in Motion"
1983 Sept. Poetry Reading. "Meet the Artist". State Fair, St Paul.

1983 Sept. Poetry reading. Wall Street Gallery, St Paul, MN
;;; 1983. December 2. CIVIL WAR AT WALL STREET. A poetry performance art work. Saint Paul Art Collective, Wall Street Gallery, St Paul, MN.
1982 Nov. Poetry Reading Forecast Gallery, Minneapolis
1982 Sept. Performance and Exhibited work at Forecast Gallery, Minneapolis.
1981 June. Poetry Reading. Duffy's, Mpls. As part of benefit for Fresh Air Radio KFAI.
1980 Sat Oct 5.  Poetry Reading. The Loft, 3200 Chicago Ave S,  Minneapolis.
1980 Poetry and Piano Improvisation. Modern Times, 3200 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis
1977 HEADCUTS. British Music Information Center, London.
1976 CRACKS IN A CITY. May 17- 22. Round House Downstairs, London NW1. 8 pm each night. A verse drama, for 4 actors with use of improvised piano, tape, synthesiser, dance, slide projections.
1976 BODY INTERACTION. Centre Point, Oxford Street, London.
How the body transitions into townscape, and architecture.
1974 JUNE. SEPERATIONS 2. Installation. Based on a video recording of a drawing being executed, a multi-media theatre production was written: this was later transposed into a multichannel sound and visual installation. Using slide projector, strobe programming light systems, electronic music, with special voice and concrete effects. Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham. 1973 June.
ENTER INTO AN ARTIST. Gallery installation - for electronic music and programmed lighting. Midland Group Gallery, Nottingham, England.
1973. Installation for 2 reel to reel decks with liquid flourescent pumped liquid and pulsating sound. Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham
1973 November. SOUNDSCULPT. Midland Group Gallery, Nottingham, England.
Time based sculpture, performance, and electronic music installation
1973. February 22. CONCERTO FOR 3 ROOMS. Performed at Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham, England.
In 3 rooms with sliding doors that were closed and opened at determined times. I used 3 reel to reel tape recorders that were adjoined by one continuous tape with recorded sounds on it. Music was electronic from synthesisers with assorted concrete effects from radios, records, and voice. Visual effects : video, close circuit tv, slide projection, lighting effects. The sound was produced from over 16 channels.
1972 CONCERTO FOR OSCILLOSCOPE AND SYNTHI. A concert where a EMS Synthi A were interfaced with visual effects produced by an oscilloscope. It was later transcribed on video tape. The concerto was performed at Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham and later played on Radio Nottingham.
1972. "The Deaf". A one act play as part of National Theatre of Gathermere. (A performance art group). Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham.


I collaborated in most of my performance art and theatre in Minneapolis and New York with J.C.Bagdadi and Roberta Delegarde who shot the videos, who were great friends (both passed away) whom I met at Minneapolis Television Network (MTN).

1993 PURSUING PERFECTION. Minneapolis Television Network.
1992 A GENERATOR OF VIOLENCE. A poetry video work. Cable TV, (Rogaland), Norway
1992 MESSAGE. Minneapolis Television Network; Cable TV, Norway
1991 BODYTALK. Minneapolis Television Network; Cable TV, Norway
1991 STAIRWAYS/2ND FLOOR. Minneapolis Television Network; Cable TV Norway
1991 CHINA TOWN.  Minneapolis Television Network; Cable TV Norway.
1990 INTIMATE DETAILS #1, #2. Minneapolis Television Network.
1989 SWIMMING LESSONS. Minneapolis Television Network.
1987 MALE FIGHTING. Giles Denmark: Written, directed and performed. Camera and edit; Keith Froelich. Production assistant: Norine Schmidt. Film In The Cities, St Paul, MN.
1986 THE PAINTING AND THE MARTYR. A poetry video work. Minneapolis Television Network.
1984 INTRUSIONS. University Community Video (now Intermedia) with funds from Northwest Area Foundation. A poetry video project collaboration with Keith Froelich, and Chuck Zwicky, Minneapolis. Shot in New York and Minneapolis, on the subject of intrusion of society and environment on the individual


1975 EXPERIMENTS IN SPACE, with Glenys Johnson, Slade School of Art, London.
1981 DAS FLASH, Poetry performance theater collaborating with Donald Byrd (choreographer) and Chuck Zwicky (music). First Ave Danceteria, and Walker Art Center (excerpts), Minneapolis, MN.
1983 INTRUSIONS. Poetry and video collaboration with Keith Froelich (video) and Chuck Zwicky (music), UCV Translations Grant, Mpls.
1984 ACTS OF FASSION. Poetry performance with Thea Tullous (painter), Heidi Arvin (designer), Chuck Zwicky (music). Union Depot, St Paul.
1991 CHINA TOWN. Minneapolis Television Network; shown on Cable TV Norway. Collaboration with J.C.Bagdadi and Roberta Delegard - who shot the video live on the streets of New York, with myself Giles Denmark
1990-1992, 1997 Collaborated with Agnes Tiffon in ad hoc performances in Paris, Languedoc, and Norway.


1989 EXHIBITION DIOMEDE, Clocktower Gallery, New York
1987 PAINTINGS. Dillard Voigt Gallery, MInneapolis, MN
1986 COMMISSIONED ART. Scholes, International Market Square, Minneapolis, MN
1984 FORESITE. Forecast Exhibition - Fashion. Union Depot, St Paul, MN.
1983 MADD SHOW. Daedelus Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
1980 PAINTINGS AND DRAWINGS. Burgh House, London, UK.
1973 SOUNDSCULPT. Installation. Midland Group Gallery, Nottingham, UK
1968-1972 Participated in a number of Group Exhibitions at Midland Group Gallery, Nottingham. Including various Christmas Shows, Postcard art.


Murals temporary or permanent, interior and exterior. Custom designed according to theme, design framework. Ideal for high traffic areas. Style colourful or subdued, image representational or abstract, according to need. High Quality.


Shopping Centers:

1985-6 Galtier Plaza, St.Paul, MN; Riverplace, Minneapolis; 1985: Town Square, St. Paul; 1987 Radisson Plaza VII, Minneapolis; 1988 Young Quinlan Bldg, Minneapolis; 1986 : I.D.S Building, Minneapolis; Maplewood Mall, Maplewood, MN; Pavillion Place, Rosedale; River Heights Plaza, Stillwater, MN; Unidale Mall; Bandana Square; Har Mar Mall; Butler Square; Coon Rapids Family Center; Minnehaha Mall; 7-Hi Shopping Center.

Private Businesses: Children's Dentist, Eagan; TanAmerica, Minneapolis; Sunplace Tanning, Edina, MN; Cavaletto (retail store mens wear) in Crystal Court, I.D.S.; Waste Management Incorporated Education Center; Growing up with Cathy;1988 Edina Gymnastics Association, Edina, MN; Mural for US Olympics, Northern States Power, Minneapolis; 1989.Rosenblum & Assoc, Dentists, Eagan

Residential Homes for the Elderly: 1988. Kensington Beatrice, Beatrice, Nebraska. Kensington Cumberland, Maryland. Harrington (once hosted President Truman, & Thomas Edison) , Port Huron, on the St Lawrence Seaway, Michigan.

Private Homes:1988. Nassau Residence in North Oaks, MN, USA . 1989 Mitchell-Garrett Residence, Ouveillan, in France

(The above include mural commissions for
United Properties/ Jackson Scott Retail (MN)
Corporate Property Investors, NY
Northern States Power, MN
Carlson Properties Inc, MN
Boisclair Corporation, MN
B.C.E.D. (I.D.S), MN
Westin Financial Group, CA
Welsh Companies, MN
Kraus Anderson Real Estate, MN)



1965 April. Poem "The Sabbatarian" in 'The Nottinghamian' No 126. Published by Nottingham High School.

1972. Poem "Life" in the published book "Children as Poets", by Denys Thompson. Heineman Press. ISBN-10 0435148931 ISBN-13 978-0435148935

On the Streets. Troubadour Press. An Anthology of poetry and prose from the Troubadour Poets. For a while during the 1970s I helped to run the Monday Poetry nights at The Troubadour, 265 Old Brompton Road, Earls Court, London. I was Editor , and one of the poets included (my poet name is Giles Denmark) and created the publication. It was Published in 1978. ISBN 0 9506286 0 3 TROUBADOUR PRESS.

1978. Swedish Poet and Author Elisabeth Rynell translation of Giles Mitchell poems into Swedish in Proselaten magazine published in Stockholm including information about the publication of On the Streets and commentary of Giles 'Denmark' Mitchell perfomances on piano and poetry at the Troubadour Coffee House in Earls Court, London. She met Giles Denmark and corresponded with him.

1981 Round Two, National Poetry Centre, London.

1983. Poem "Stroking the softness of my cheek" published in "Studio One" a yearly publication of College of Saint Benedict, St John's University, St. Joseph, MN, USA.
1983. Poems " I am climbing the hill to Leka" and "Stroking the softness of my Cheek" published in Muse's Brew Poetry Review.
1983. Poem called "Sex and Politics" in "Beatniks From Space Number 4", from Ann Arbor: The Neither / Nor Press. The uncommon 4th issue of Denis McBee's small press art and poetry "magazine". Featuring poems, photographs, articles and more by Gerry Reith, Giles Denmark, Jock Henderson and more. 

My Poetry is included in "The Cream of the Troubadour Coffee House" 1990 ... which for me has a sexist cover - if I knew my poems were in this book - i would not have them in it.

Poems included in "Living Treasures of Minneapolis" pages 27 - 29, 32. Dennis Mcbee, The Neither/nor Press, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA copyright 1982.

PELSCH number 2 1992. Art Graphic and text 'Harassment' in Trondheim art magazine, Norway. Giles Denmark was a visiting performance artist at art schools and colleges and art media venues in Trondheim, Bergen, Oslo, Stavanger.



Wrote a handwritten history about the life and works of Thomas Stothard 1755-1834 for Dip AD  Fine Art research - I listed his prints and drawings at the Castle Museum, Nottingham, UK as well did some research on his life and and wrote about his connection with William Blake and others. (1972-74).


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